Valvetronic Exhaust Muffler

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Then the Valvetronic Designs Universal Muffler Kit is the perfect solution for you. Loud when you want, quiet when you need to be, all at the touch of a button!

Valved mufflers
  • Either 1 or 2 mufflers as ordered
Vacuum Control box
  • This control box operates the valves internally, creating vacuum that opens and closes the valves on command
Vacuum Lines
  • Vacuum tubing is supplied to connect the vacuum box to the mufflers 
Cigarette lighter power adaptor 
  • In order to connect the vacuum box to power a cigarette lighter adaptor is supplied, adaptor consists of power and ground wires and can be easily hardwired 
Single Keyed Remote
  • RF signal able to be programmed into vehicle garage door openers for fast & easy access of your valves at the touch of a button

Here is how it works:

Mufflers come with a vacuum control box and vacuum line allowing for an easy install. The mufflers install just like any muffler but plug in the valves with the supplied vacuum tubing and BOOM! you can now control your car's sound on the fly. In the past, this technology was reserved for supercars but not anymore. 


Valvetronic Designs Universal Valved Muffler Kits come with a 1 year warranty. Details about this warranty can be found on our Return and Shipping page.